50 Years of NLR

New Life Ranch is celebrating our 50th year…its amazing to think that this place has existed for that long, and to see the legacy that has developed.

We are going to have a big celebration on August 2, and you are all invited. The event is free, but we do want to know how many people will be coming. There is an online registration form at www.newliferanch.com. It will only take a minute or two to sign up. If you are in contact with people (or just run into somebody) who has been to NLR in the past please let them know about the August 2 celebration!

It has been really cool looking at a bit of the history of NLR over the last several months. I ran across a quote by Willard Heck, the founder of NLR. He wrote this just as he was starting the camp:

“I try to realize the scope of this undertaking and a momentary fear sweeps over me. The promise of God to accomplish what He begins encourages me. He is leading; we must follow. At no time have we urged Kellems to our terms. He has made all offers.

There must be many places ahead when we will feel that we should turn back from so great a responsibility. We must walk in the light of this day knowing that our tomorrows will produce their own light. Our God will lighten the way even as he has done in all of our yesterdays. God grant that my faith will not waiver and that we shall be more then conquerors though Jesus Christ our Lord.”

It is amazing how he had a huge vision for this place, of what it could become, and at the same time he trusted God every day for what that day had. It is an honor to be a part of such an amazing legacy!


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