Thanks for the encouragement you’ve been sending me about being halfway done with my hours….I appreciate the support!

David F. & Laura can start jumping for joy now…  Ben & I are starting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University tonight.  We have a unique opportunity to work through this 13 week program right here at the Ranch with some other staff families, and through the blessings of people we don’t even know, we’re going to be able to go through this at no cost. (The program is usually about a $100 investment I think.)  We’re excited about this opportunity, and I think it’s interesting that it’s called Financial “Peace” University.  Finances are not usually something people feel peaceful about-whether they have money or they don’t.

And it looks as if God is providing some peace in other areas of my life right now-mainly regarding my schedule and providing some relief where I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I like this peace feeling.  It’s been awhile.

5 Replies to “Peace”

  1. Yay! They do the FPU at Relevant, and you’re right – it’s about $100! What a great opportunity for you guys! Have fun with it!

    p.s. Congrats on your hours!


  2. Whoo hoo!!! Go Dave Ramsey! You see…there are not too many things in life that I’m passionate about. And I’m a terrible sales person. But, I’ve discovered that I can REALLY sell something (not $$…motivate/convince/etc) when I believe in it. And I believe in Financial Peace University! 😀 (if ya couldn’t tell).

    Not that I “sold” you on it. But its one of those things that I want ALL of my friends to learn about b/c I think its so important to be informed and not ignorant of our financial status, where it is and where its going. I’m no where near the end goal of FPU, but just to know in the first place, and to begin working off debt, those are the first steps to acheiving financial peace. And, God calls us to be good stewards, and that includes money.

    So, yay!!! Once you believe in it too, you can spread the word, and we can impact the whole world to be financially responsible!! be this on fire about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. hmmm…


  3. Awesome! FPU is a great program – take it from me – its a good thing – get as much as you can out of it! Jen and I really enjoyed it – its a fun nonthreatning approach to a sensitive topic.

    blessings Ben and Beth


  4. Small world–I just started Dave Ramsey’s course a few weeks ago. Our church is presenting during our bookclub/Sunday school hour. It’s been a real revelation…



  5. This is great…like the above, we are HUGE Dave Ramsey fans. We have never done the program FPU, but we have read the books and put most of it into practice on our own.

    Have fun with it!


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