a long one…christmas & ugly sweaters…

Well, after a whirlwind trip covering about 2500 miles & visiting both sides of our families, we are back home. And after much celebrating to ring out ’07 & ring in ’08 we are recovering from a nasty bug of some sort…here are some pictures from our celebrations…

breakfast of champions…

breakfast of champions

we did a lot of driving…

we're off

apparently everything’s bigger in texas…

the big texan

we found daniel in albuquerque…go figure…

w/ daniel

santa also made an appearance…


we played games with the Wests…


beth got to make deviled eggs….(her favorite!)

deviled eggs

after albuquerque, we stopped in oklahoma city to visit beth’s aunts, uncles & cousins for dinner, spent one night at our house, then drove to st. louis the next day.  we spent a few days with beth’s family and got to have lunch w/ her friend julie in washington.

mom & dad

Then when we got home, we attended the annual ugly sweater party. Ben tied for 1st place, but lost the tie-breaker (wii boxing). Laura came to visit for a few days, we burned our Christmas trees, had a Progressive Dinner, and then ended Laura’s visit with all of us getting sick. We’re on the mend now though, and looking forward to a low-key weekend!

our sweaters…


marla & laura…


burning the christmas trees…

burning trees

2 Replies to “a long one…christmas & ugly sweaters…”

  1. Hi – we haven’t met, but I was surfing the net and happened to notice a link from your blog to ‘CassHarrisMusic.com’. I’m wondering if that Cass Harris is a friend of mine from B.A., Cassidy Harris. If so, could you give him my email address? bmckean at csc.com Thanks very much, Brian McKean


  2. Ben’s sweater is indeed ugly, but his hair is really cool. Deviled eggs are my favorite also. And no, not everything is bigger in Texas, only egos.


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