Church outside

A few months ago The Grove (thats the church we go to) had church outside in the park. It was really fun, partly just to be outside, but it also feels like you are more connected to community your church is in when you have church outside among the daily activities of people rather then in the walls of a building. I kind of thought that it would be cool to just always have church outside in a park (practical considerations, like thunder storms and snow aside…). I ran  across a church that is doing it. The church is in south California, so they have a bit less weather to deal with. The church outside part is cool, but what i really like is why they did it. Partly it was a money thing, its a lot cheaper and they feel the money can be used better somewhere else. I also really like the way they are integrating there church into the greater community around them by building parks and sports fields around there outdoor sanctuary, and leaving a lot of natural open space (of course there is a little irony that they are building a “small” auditorium inside which will seat more people then most churches i have ever been in has come in 10 years, but its all relative to the churches actual size i guess).

2 Replies to “Church outside”

  1. well…im sorry your sick of church. Honesty im not…i really like my church. There is a lot about the Grove the i think brings a lot of glory to God…its not perfect, but the church is striving to live lives that bring glory to God


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