lazy Americans

I heard some disturbing news yesterday.

Apparently some Sonic’s now have drive thrus. My initial reaction of shock was followed by this:

“But it’s a drive-IN. I mean really!”

My boss tried half-heartedly to defend this by saying that it saves you the time of backing out of the parking space. My response:

“But it’s a drive-IN. You don’t even have to get out of your car!”

I’m not sure why this bothers me so much. But it does. A whole lot. Is this strange to anyone else?? And if you enjoy the drive-thru at Sonic, I apologize for calling you lazy…but I mean…really.

3 Replies to “lazy Americans”

  1. Guilty…I enjoy it b/c I’m just stopping by to get the Sonic and eat it somewhere else. I don’t consider it lazy, but cheap…b/c I don’t want to tip the server person for bringing my food when I’m not staying to eat it. :-/


  2. We have those here! I always forget, though, and end up “driving in”. But at least now I don’t feel like you called me lazy! 🙂


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