3rd time is a charm

I’m not a runner. But some days I kind of pretend to be. Like last weekend when I ran in the 5k of the Tulsa Run. It was fun….I beat my time from the 2 previous years and had a fabulous running partner (Brandi).

I had fun running (for the most part)…but if you looked at the pictures that the race-sponsored photographers took, all you would see on my face is extreme pain. We will not be purchasing any of those photos.

My next feat is the 3rd annual Casserole Crawl. The Casserole Crawl is our own little 5k here at NLR. We picked a spot 3.1 miles down the road (the correct distance for a 5k) and we end at the speedbump as you first pull into camp. It’s fun & last year we even had shirts made.

Anyone else out there trying to be a runner like me?

(notice my cool runners number & the Siloam Springs Panthers shirt)

07 tulsa run.JPG

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