On going home…

Calling it “home” is a little odd…I do think of my current house (the one I share with my husband) as being “home.” But there’s something about going back to the place you grew up. (Even if it’s not the same house-or in my case, not even in the same town!) At any rate, it was good to be home with my parents this weekend.

A few highlights: The trip started as most of our roadtrips do: with a little Kirk Franklin to get us going…Beth S. rode with us and she was introduced to this fun little “beginning of our roadtrip” tradition, as well as a little Brak. Hopefully we didn’t scare her off. 🙂

Ben helped my dad run some electrical wiring in the basement, so they can continue working on finishing it off. (I mostly took pictures and held the staples.)  Ben got to use the drill.  Notice the manly sawdust shavings on his arm.
Ben drilling
Laura came out to visit…bringing a very unique and much appreciated birthday gift for me. [Thank you, friend….I so appreciated the gift & your presence this weekend. :)] I didn’t get any pictures of Laura & I, but she & I took some pictures around my parent’s yard.  Here’s how that turned out:

this is a cool tree in their yard: 

sunlit tree

this is a cool fencepost in their yard: 


 this is looking down the road they live on:

and this is a cool leaf: 

fall leaves close up
Ben got to ride motorcycles with my dad too.

Ben riding Hodaka

this is my dad, Hodaka Dave:

hodaka dave

My mom cooked BBQ ribs for dinner…YUM! We only saw my brother for a few minutes (literally), but it was great to be “home” again for a little while. And we got back in time for church Sunday night, and then had our last “after church dinner” with Dusty & Rebs who are moving to Korea.

2 Replies to “On going home…”

  1. Hello Friend!!
    It was refreshing to visit w/ you at your parents’ house when the air was crisp and the leaves were turning!! 🙂 Glad you made it back okay! Love you!! Laura


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