Consider the Beach Ball

I read an analogy the other day that i really liked, and i hope i can apply to the way i think a little bit.

I’ll just quot the author, Michael Brooke, of Concrete Wave:

Concrete Wave wishes to remain a ball bearing – small, hard to find and continually in the state of being polished. Our goal is to provide readers with a deep impression when they get hit with it. Conversely, we do not aim to be a beach ball – big, seen all over the place, colorful and yet leaving very little impression when it hits. A beach ball is very fragile indeed and must avoid challenging environments, because it requires so much air to keep it afloat. A weighty ball bearing can withstand both challenging environments along with the pin pricks of adversity.

I hope that the things i am involved in, my marriage, New Life Ranch, our Community Group, our church, even just me as a person are always ball bearings. I hope that when God decides to use me for his glory that i can make a deep impression, not a loud bang when i break. I hope that no one ever looks at Beth and i thinks that we have it all together if really we are just a bunch of air holding up a facade. I hope that my life can be a life of impact, not colorful fluff that can’t stand up to life.

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