Im working on a huge project at work right now. Every few years we do a big all camp video. Basically the idea is to condense NLR into a ten minute video that we can show to people who want more information. Ten minutes of finished video is not much, but we pack a lot in and it takes a lot of time to get it all done!

Right now i am sorting though 5 hours of interviews i shot of some of our staff. basically i am using sound clips from the interviews to explain what we do at NLR. Hopefully none of them will be to mad when they relies that i interviewed them for a half an hour to get a 20 second sound bite!

Setting up for the interviews was actually kind of fun. We basically turned your house into a studio. Beth and I cleared out one of our rooms and set up lights and backdrops, and our bedroom became a little control room. It all worked really well from a technical perspective. Now we will see how it comes out as a finished product. As always, Cass was a huge help, both his expertise and for letting me use his gear.

a few pictures:



The gear list for those that care:Canon GL2, Shure KSM (something), Firepod, Dell Dimension 9200, Vegas4, Rokit5 monitors, random studio lighting, and a backdrop from Picture Me Studio.

5 Replies to “Project”

  1. Interesting to see your set-up. We are praying for you as you work on this important video. We are confident it will glorify God as in your previous videos. Looking forward to seeing it,(of course!).


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