This one’s for Ryan

Climbing Elbert was a lot of fun. It was the first time i had been up to 14000 ft. on my own power (as in, not driving a car to the top…). At the top we got to talk to some other people who were up there. One kid had lived in Leadville for four years and had never been climbed the mountain before. I actually really liked Leadville, and i think that a big part of why is because it is a real town. It has its little tourist things, but there is other industry, and people with real lives that are not centered around creating a tourist destination. I think that it probably would be interesting to live there and see how those two cultures interact and relate to each other…

any way, back to the top of Elbert, our new friend who was from Leadville was kind of a skater guy, he had on jeans and skate shoes, he looked kind of out of place. Of course the pistol that he had in a holster on his belt didn’t really fit. Lighting up his bong and taking a few puffs was probably a very Colorado thing to do…
vacation 060.jpg

vacation 064.jpg

vacation 063.jpg

photo credit goes to luke…except for the one of him…

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