100000 miles and 14000 feet

We made it back from Colorado, so this last week has kind of been catch up week. We had a great trip, a few adventures, but for the most part it was just a good time of hanging out and getting to see family and friends. Here are a few pictures:


My moms side of the family has a family reunion every four years at YMCA of the Rockies in this little lodge. There were about 60 of us in all. It was good to get to see family who i have not seen in a long time. We also got to see some of Beth’s family in Denver.

Daniel got a hair cut and Beth was officially accepted into the family.


Then we drove to Twin Lakes



At Twin Lakes we met up with the Freeman and the Harris family to hang out for the rest of the week.


We got to stand on top of some mountains.


I climbed Elbert (that’s Elbert in the background). It was my first time to climb a 14000 foot mountain, so that was fun. I even have a picture of me at the top, but its on Luke’s camera, ill post it when he gets it to me. You know…proof and all…


I got to see some cool old cabins…


I also got to test the limits of the Outback, while impressive, i did learn that it is possible to break the sway bar going over big rocks…and that the 12 mile four wheel drive only road will take a really long time to drive…

Luke and Cass got to go fishing.

On the way home we turned over 100000 miles in the Outback, hear’s to another 100000…

Any way, it was a good trip. It was great to get to hang out with our friends and their kids, see family, and just get away from camp and relax for a week. Sorry we didn’t get to hook up with you Alaska! We’ll have to get together sometime though!

4 Replies to “100000 miles and 14000 feet”

  1. Mmmmm….Colorado!! šŸ™‚

    Did you go hiking on the horse trail down the road from the YMCA lodge?? It goes through this absolutely BEAUTIFUL valley!!! Oh!!! To go there again where all seemed so peaceful!!

    Great pics!! Miss you guys!


  2. Lovely photos! Sounds like y’all had a good trip, and a good summer. I enjoy keeping up with all the updates. I wish I was so good at updating as y’all do.

    Let me know if you ever want to go hiking (aka “hill-walking”) around the West of Ireland. It looks as though God is posting me here for another good while–yay! And please tell Daniel and your parents I said hello.

    God bless!


  3. I did go biking a little bit around the YMCA and saw some trails that looked like they would go to cool place, but did not have the time to really explore. It’s amazing out there for sure. We did hike to a little lake on the other side of town which was really beautiful.

    Sarah, we would love to go hiking around ireland…perhaps someday we will take you up on that offer! What is your blog? I know i have seen it before, but i dont know the address?


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