Rocky Mountain High…Colorado

Well, friends…..we are having a wonderful time in the amazingness that is the Rocky Mountains. Some people are beach vacationers…..not Ben & I. Give us the mountains and cool air any day. We love it! So far, we’ve driven a whole lot….I got my first taste of the legendary Casa Bonita in Denver…We stayed with my aunt and uncle in Denver-as always, great food, great talks, and fun kiddos-can’t say I’ve ever played air hockey with 4 people and 4 pucks all at the same time before! We spent some time with Daniel (Ben’s brother) riding around Boulder on bicycles, and I got to spend some time on Pearl St. browsing books and eating at a tasty cafe….and we let our Subaru spend a little time at the dealer while we were there….a few less $ in our account, but she runs better now…and gas mileage will be better too.** We’re in Estes Park now at the Buchleiter Family Reunion (Ben’s mom’s family). Tomorrow morning we head south to meet up with our good friends.

**just in case you have fun things in your vehicle like seat warmers….be warned that the indicator lights on those things are PRICEY…..**

OH, and today’s my birthday…the big 27…thoughts on all that entails later…. I can’t really think of anything better than spending my birthday in the mountains though! 🙂

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