Kullum’s Ranch

The other day i had the privilege of doing a short video interview of a lady who came to camp many years ago. In fact she came to camp before this place was known as New Life Ranch.

Rev. Heck (who founded NLR) used to travel around to schools teaching Bible classes. If students memorized enough verses they were able to come to camp. At the time everybody who came to camp would meet in Tulsa and get on a bus, which would bring them to Kullum’s Ranch for camp. It was amazing to hear how some things are the same. She remembered chapel, doing activity classes, signing silly songs, playing in the creek. Counselors who impacted her through their lives and kindness. Of course things have changed as well. Rev Heck bought Kullum’s Ranch and renamed it New Life Ranch, a lot of our programming is different, the buildings are all different, we have a more diverse set of ministries. But it is encouraging to know that over the past 50 years NLR has truly stayed true to its roots of glorifying God through relationships with campers, and that the impact of this place is lasting, even fifty years later.
If you are New Life Ranch type person and are interested there is a Wikipedia article about NLR that could use some work if any one is so inclined.

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