A Divine Appointment

I thought it would be fun to share about a divine appointment I had in the Kansas City Airport on my way to Flordia earlier this summer…

…She tapped me lightly on the shoulder. I didn’t realize how significant that little tap would be until later. We were in line at the airport, boarding our plane. She wanted to know if I was flying alone, and would I mind if she sat with me. This was her first time flying alone you see, and as she asked if it would be ok if she sat with me her eyes welled up with tears. As we found some seats near the front we started talking. Turns out that her name was Laura and I was going to visit my friend named Laura…and my name was Beth and she was going to visit her friend named Beth. (These were totally awesome realizations for an anxious 15-year-old.)

And when she heard me say I was from Oklahoma, she said,

“Oh! I just went to a camp in Oklahoma.”

“Really?” I said, “Which one?”

She could only remember that it was in some little town called Colcord. My eyes widened as I exclaimed,

“New Life Ranch! That’s where I live!”

You could see a wave of relief wash over her. The rest of our conversation on the plane ride was minimal as she put her headphones in and I read my magazine. But our friends were meeting us in the same area of the airport, so we walked out together and as soon as she saw her family she started hugging them and I was quickly forgotten. As I interrupted a one hug to tell her it was nice to meet her, she ran over and gave me a big hug.

It was a blessing to meet someone who knew where Colcord, OK was while I was standing in the Kansas City Airport. Someone who was new to her church, but came with her youth group to this camp at the beginning of the summer. She grew closer to God while she was here, and had a great time. I know that the people impacted by New Life Ranch exist all over the world, but it’s nice to meet them unexpectedly sometimes. Just to be reminded that God doesn’t live at New Life Ranch, but He has used it to change the lives of people all over the world.

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