End of Summer Post

So, its the end of summer camp, which means we might start posting again. We will see…

The summer was good. There was a lot going on as usual. For camp it was a great summer. We had an increase in our numbers, basically  all of our weeks ended up mostly full, which is really good. It seems like every summer i am know less about that is going on in the day to day of camp, so to be honest i can’t really give any great stores of how God worked. But I know that he did. It is amazing the way that God uses this place year after year to impact the world for his glory.

For me the summer is always kind of strange. I really want to start working ahead on stuff for the upcoming season, but never really get to, i did a little better this summer, but still not great, so there is a lot to do in the next several months to catch up!

So, there you go, we will try and start blogging again…feel free to drop us a line if you get a chance.

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