an anniversary of sorts…

It’s a fairly significant day for this household of Wests.  6 years ago today I was sitting next to Ben in the Canteen (the snack shop here at camp) when he said some very fateful words, “So, you wanna go talk?”  And then I got all nervous and excited because I knew exactly what we were going to talk about… and we went and spent some time on this big rock right in front of the creek having our “DTR” (Define The Relationship) for those not down with the lingo.  😉  Who would have thought that this is where we’d end up.  We’ve been blessed by this place, and feel privileged to call NLR home.
What I find even more interesting is that this year it happens to fall on the same day of the week (Thursday)….just something kind of fun.

And the only reason I remember what day it was, is that it also happens to be my parents wedding anniversary.  So, Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad….thanks for giving us such an amazing example of a marriage.  I love you both so much.

3 Replies to “an anniversary of sorts…”

  1. It is hard to realize it has already been 6 years! I for one am so very glad that the DTR conversation went the direction of “YES”. I love hving Beth as a daughter, and see her as God’s answer to our prayers. We prayed for Benjamin’s future wife when he was a wee little guy (and Beth a wee little girl!).


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