Photographer Friends

We have several friends who are small business owners…and we have lots of friends and acquaintances who are photographers as a profession or serious hobby.
First there is John & Libby of Picture Me Studio. We also count Luke of Main Street Studios among our acquaintances. Then there is Brett who is a pastor at our church, and Jason who works at our church. I dabble a bit (i think it would be a stretch to say i am a photographer). There is Shelly and Laura, and my mom.

Anybody else?

4 Replies to “Photographer Friends”

  1. All those photographers who like to take pictures of people have to have good looking people to take pictures of…its kind of a symbiotic relationship….

    or something…


  2. I dabble a bit too. I have another friend who moved to Siloam Springs about a year ago after Hurricane Katrina claimed her home in Texas. Her name is Seneca Johnson. Her website with samples can be seen at


  3. As soon as I get a better camera, I’ll start back up again! 🙂 I’m always looking at things through photographer’s eyes, I just don’t have a good camera to take the actual pictures yet!


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