They have no idea…

In about 3 hours a bunch of crazy, high-energy college students will be arrive at the Ranch. Staff Training starts today!

I can’t help but think back a few years (six to be exact….as crazy as that is) to my first day of Staff Training. I pulled in to camp with all of my stuff loaded in the back of the Brat and was promptly greeted by a few overly excited people. I desperately tried to find the one person I actually knew that was already there. (mr. cooles himself.) It was a crazy day….lots of thoughts of “what have I gotten myself into” went through my head that day. 🙂 A good friend told me before the summer started, “you have no idea…” and he was right….I had no idea all of the ways my life would change after that summer…
But what a fantastic summer it was…..I met so many amazing people that summer and made such lasting memories….going to Wal-Mart w/ Shelly & Kim…meeting a new friend who would turn out to be a fabulous matchmaker…walking into the gym the first day to a huge game of Twister with people I had never even met before…learning how to be a Mountain Man…doing laundry at the house of this guy who turned out to be pretty stinkin’ amazing, and who I just happened to end up marrying.

Please pray for the Ranch this summer and all the lives that will be changed….lives of campers as well as the summer staff that are about to arrive. Here we go!

3 Replies to “They have no idea…”

  1. summer is here?!?!?!!? Hope you and Ben have a great summer! when do yall want to get together? things have been so busy for us…Dave is working all the time 😦
    Maybe this weekend??? Coffee? Cafe on Broadway? We could make dinner friday and then walk down to the cafe….tell me what you think! 🙂


  2. Six years! Do i even remember that summer? They all start to melt together. I’m glad the summer worked out for you, it doesn’t always. Over the summers I know of several people who certainly didn’t make it… but they all left affected in some way.
    I wish I were there. This weekend I will be, but it will never be the same.


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