Two Years

Today, give or take a week, makes two years of being on full time staff at NLR. As I look back the thing that stands out the most is the community that we are a part of. It seems like we (we…churches and Starbucks) talk about community a lot. This is a place where I see, and am part of, a group of people who are truly living, working, and growing together. We are all traveling together in life and ministry…sometimes we are not going the same direction, but we are learning and living life together. I am truly blessed by the people around me everyday.

Part of my role in this community is what I do for my job at NLR. Looking back over the last two years I can see a lot of things that are going well. A big part of my job is to unify and manage all of our communication (mostly of the promotional type). In a lot of areas we are making progress. But there is stall a lot of work to be done. One thing I have learned, and struggled with, is how quickly I can do things (and it’s not as fast as I thought it would be…or want it to be). It is often frustrating to see all that I have not yet done, but it is encouraging to see what has been accomplished.

We have been truly amazed and humbled by the interest so many of you have taken in our ministry, and we thank you for your prayers and support over these last years…we are excited to see what God has for us as we continue this journey.

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