I really do love my job.

You know how some days you look up at the clock and those minutes drag on for…ev…er?  And some days you look up and it’s 5 o’clock and you feel like you’ve only been there for a couple of hours?  The latter has happened to me a lot recently.  The days are just going by so fast here at camp.  There is a lot of work to be done to get ready for summer camp……booklets to print, registrations to process, ringing phones to answer, mail to open, t-shirts to order, payments to process, e-mails to respond to….  The list seems never-ending.  And I love it.

I love being here.  I love walking down the hill to work in the morning (not driving 15 minutes to get to work).  I love seeing my husband multiple times during the day.  I love eating lunch with my friends.  But beyond those things, I love doing what I do here at camp.  I love working with Mary & Ben & Russ to keep things running smoothly.  I love being part of our Guest Services team, where we look at the Retreat groups that are coming and assessing how we can serve them better.  I love the community that is New Life Ranch.  I am grateful for this opportunity to call this my “job” right now.

School is going well too….we will start up a new semester next week.  Only 2 more classes to take, and 420 more hours of counseling before I finish.  Hopefully that will be this time next year.  I love what I’m doing there too…..but my thoughts on all of that are still swimming around…..I’ll try to reflect on that part of life soon…

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