Pad Thai

I tried to make Pad Thai last night. It took two stores to really find all the ingredients, and I still did not have everything, but I had the important stuff. Fish sauce is a bit scary, but in the end it worked out and tasted ok (actually…it may have been the best Pad Thai anybody had ever made…I don’t know what makes good Pad Thai). I did learn that an electric stove makes cooking in a wok hard, you don’t have much temperature control and things can get out of hand and burn really easily. Um…so…that my culinary adventure for the week

5 Replies to “Pad Thai”

  1. I just made shrimp scampi pasta stuff sort of by guessing based loosely off a recipe. Turned out pretty good. Nearly burned it all though, because, guess what, I have an electric stove. It has a few settings.

    Warm – I think this makes you imagine that it is warming the food, thus producing the illusion of actually heating the food
    Lo – you wouldn’t want to rest your hand on this for more than 2 mintues
    2 – kind of hot
    3 – a bit hotter than 2, but still not that useful for cooking
    Hi- surface of the sun, guaranteed to burn anything in a suprisingly short amount of time


  2. exactly. and there is no turn it down and the heat goes away. Its turn it down and it stays hot for an hour. I think next time i will just turn all the burners on to different levels so i can move the pan around when i need to change the temperature.


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