One of Those Days

You know how sometimes you just have one of those days?  When you get up early to go to the farmer’s market, but when you get there, there are 4 people just setting up their booth, and the only thing being sold is flowers….so you go to get some coffee on the next street over, but they aren’t open yet.  And when you forget that you are supposed to lead the devotion in your staff meeting….so you try and try and try to pull something out of your head to share with everyone….and then finally you decide to stop and ask God what He would have you speak about…(this is where I picture Him saying, “Are you done yet?  Can I please take over?”)  And so you let Him speak to you and you are amazed….and then you don’t even end up giving the devotion anyway.  And then you are supposed to do 5 different things that will fill up your whole day, but then one by one, they each get cancelled.  So you are left with time to do your laundry and get a little homework done.  And then someone calls you for a favor, and on the way to taking care of that favor your best friend calls, so you call her back when you’re done and end up having a really, really great conversation.

Most of the things that happened in my life today I didn’t plan on.  The things I did plan on just kind of fell through.

There’s a song by Caedmon’s Call that I’ve thought about several times today. The song is called, “Table for Two” and it just seems to perfectly fit my day today.  Here are a few lyrics from the song…

“Well this day’s been crazy
But everything’s happened on schedule,
from the rain and the cold
To the drink that I spilled on my shirt.”

I guess I could look at it as if today was a failure….but I prefer to take these days as reminders of the One who is in control, and enjoy the surprises He brings my way.  Because today, I spent some great time walking around downtown with my husband….and God reminded me that I need Him…and I got some laundry and homework done…and I had a really, really great conversation with my best friend.  I hadn’t planned on those things today, or at least not in the way they panned out…but I’m grateful for them.  And I’m grateful for Him.

3 Replies to “One of Those Days”

  1. or…when the printer calls and says they can’t print your newsletter because you added a page…

    moral of the story (well this part of the story) is always ask the printer before you go and change things.


  2. Ahh, Derek Webb singing about his days being single. I always wondered what he would sing about after he got married…

    This is a great post and a great reminder. As much as we like to think we have it under control, it’s days like these that remind us how much control we really have!


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