My friend, Laura

You know how sometimes you have a friend that just knows you so well that it’s kind of scary….but kind of amazing and wonderful at the same time? I have been blessed with such a friend in Laura. Laura and I lived together in college for 3 ½ years……we took classes together, grew in our faith, challenged each other, laughed ‘til it hurt, and had so much fun together. She is truly a friend who knows me deeply. She came to visit this week. We went horseback riding, kayaking, watched movies, walked around Wal-Mart like old times when we were roomies, & had some great talks. She cleaned off my porch for me….got rid of the leaves that accumulate there, and swept it off. It looks so much more inviting now. 🙂 (thanks, friend)

I took her to the airport yesterday. Our goodbyes are bittersweet now that we are no longer in college together…..the Lord has brought us to different paths in life, but our times together are still so sweet.

Here’s a picture of us from the weekend. I am blessed to have been given such a wonderful friend.


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