memory lane

“Bados! Bados! Bados!”…“Drink more MILK! Eat the WORD…”…Hookman, anyone…..Chuck Chicken…. Pants….Synchronized Swimming…Men in Dresses….Camper Ron Dawg….Final Thoughts with Rhett….hobos!….creek hikes…West 40…Haybus…

Any of these things ring a bell? Some of them should if you’ve been on Summer Staff at NLR! And if you haven’t signed up for the Summer Staff Alumni Retreat yet…..What are you waiting for???

It’s June 2nd ….. noon -8pm… Come re-connect with one of your favorite places in the world with some of your favorite people in the world….

Here is a link where you can download the registration form so we know you’re coming.

If you live far, far away, let us know and we can help you find a place to stay!

**what’s your favorite NLR memory?**

6 Replies to “memory lane”

  1. Oh I LOOOOOVE Camper Ron Dog (especially when he duck taped Rhett — oh my goodness that makes me laugh sooo hard…) Yah know the retreat may work out for me… I have my 10 year high school reunion around that time I can just cross country drive it or something. So I would need a place to stay… Ok I am rambling. I remember my breaking the Flicker Goal (that was a funny time) and who could forget Ultimate Flocker with the goo and Hello Ben (My name is Eddie and I like Spaghetti…) Iiiiim Captain Vegatable… with my Carrot (woo!) and my Celery (woo!) … aww now I miss NLR soooo much. Ok I am done (for now).


  2. Well, I have so many to choose from. Some little secrets that I wouldn’t DARE put on a web site…so, I’ll stick to the tame ones.

    Lets see:

    Miss Bonnie’s (wrangler 99)legs falling asleep during a “prayer time” and when she stood up, she fell flat on her face because the bottom of her body didn’t work. THAT was pretty funny.

    Or…Doing donuts in the West 40 in “Vinnie”, Kim F.’s car.

    Or…The FLOODs of 99 and 2000 causing the great mud wrestling of 99 and 2000. Two years of rain…three dam’s.

    Or…David Jacques sending out thank you letters to hundreds of people and spelling “dam” the WRONG way. PRICELESS!!!

    Or…Larry Lair blaming ME for writing “John” above the word “Bunn” on all the Bunn coffee pots. It was MY idea…but, NOT MY DOING!!! Cass, you ever gonna fess up to that???


  3. Shelli,
    It wouldn’t do much good for Cass to confess to Larry Lair at this point.

    If i come on the 2nd we’d better relive ALL those memories you mentioned in your first paaragraph… OR ELSE!!!

    Good memory: doing the amoeba for two miles through the south ridge trail.

    Good memory: Bench Wars 2000

    Worst memory: and i quote “Crap work”


  4. i have lots of great memories, one is when Heath introduced me to Beth during a big game of twister…

    I think my favorite Heath memory was climbing Jacob’s Ladder together.

    There is always weekends at the river, and dropping burning grills on cars.

    There are a few cabins that stand out. The one with Mr. Jeff Woods(a CIT at the time…crazy) and with Mr. Joel.


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