The other day I was at my parent’s house, but I got there a bit early before they were home. So I went and walked around the yard for a while. My parents have a great yard. It is nice and big, has lot of trees and flowers, and lots of fun places to play. I remember when we first moved there the whole yard had four trees. We spent a lot of time planting and watering (Mom and Dad even had a map of the yard up in the kitchen with watering zones so that they would know when to water what…I bet our water bills were really high), but it was worth it for sure. It was fun to walk around and see so many things from my childhood. The old sailboat that we used to play in (which has a great history of triumph and tragedy), a big steel rod that was a staff, a machine gun, a spear, and a tent pole, The Fort, one of my first bikes, the bamboo patch, the drainage ditch that turned into a raging river when it rains, trees to climb…lots of memories! It was a great reminder of how blessed I was (and am) to have parents who let me explore and learn and grow outside.

But it was also sad. The whole time I could hear bulldozers all around the neighborhood, tearing up dirt and tearing down trees, all to make room for new houses. These are the woods and the fields that I used to play, build forts, discover ponds with tadpoles, and learn about creation in. Now they will be houses. I know that people need places to live, and they should get to have a great house with a great yard to, but sometimes it’s hard to understand why we have to destroy so much.

2 Replies to “Childhood”

  1. I loved your backyard when I would visit. Your rehearsal dinner party was especially fun. I miss you guys! Also: Jackson Waters is going to be at NLR?! That is a bonus for visiting you guys…


  2. Hey Miss Alaska,

    You should come visit sometime…why is Jackson Waters coming to NLR? Are they playing for a retreat? I hope stuff is going well for you! And thanks for the Birthday Card (i know that was a while ago…). It is on my desk so i see it often!


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