Back stuff

I mentioned in one of those posts below wanting prayer for a back injury, thank you all who have been praying, it is encouraging! I saw a doctor today to talk thorough the results of an MRI. I have a synovial cyst (fun big medical words…) on one of the discs in my back, and it is pushing on the nerves, which is causing weakness in my leg. My favorite part of all of this is this line from a website about it:

Because a synovial cyst develops from degeneration it is not often seen in patients younger than 45 and is most common in patients older than 65 years old.

Oh well…I guess I get to be a medical anomaly. Anyway, the first treatment option is physical therapy, so ill start that soon, and I have to go see a neurosurgeon to find out more about sugary, injections, amputation, etc.

This is all very strange to me…I feel like it should not be a big deal, lots of people deal with back problems all the time, but I guess it becomes a big deal to the person that is experiencing it, especially when you have no idea what the end result will be. I appreciate your continued prayers.

3 Replies to “Back stuff”

  1. This is my favorite part of this post.

    “to find out more about SUGARY, injections, amputation, etc.”

    That a makes this whole deal seem a lot sweeter. It would have been even better if you had left out the comma, leading to “sugary injections,” which sounds like either A. street jargon for some type of drug or B. a new candy product targeting a strange audience with a favorable view of injections (again, maybe drug-users)


  2. Oh, yeah…that’s what happened with my freaky blood clot thing…the nurses kept telling me I didn’t have a blood clot because they only happen in old people. I can attest that they certainly do not!


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