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January seemed to go by really quickly, so did February. Here are some updates on what has been going on in our life recently.

My big project at camp right now is getting online registration up and going. My Dad has been doing a lot of the backend programming for it, and I have been working on the interface. There is a lot of work still to do, but hopefully we will get it going soon. We are getting lots of registrations for camp, and are actually ahead of last year, so its looking like it will be a big summer!

Last week Beth and I got to go to our CCCA sectional (CCCA is an organization that works to support Christian Camping). It was really good to get to meet people from some other camps and see what they are doing, share ideas, and get away for a while. The conference was at Shepard of the Ozarks, which is a camp my youth group used to go to for retreats. This time around a bunch of us played Sardines one night in the lodge…it was kind of cool to go back to a place and do a lot of the same things with a whole new group of people.

Two random sites to check out: and

Lets see…

I got to go to Colorado a couple weeks ago. A bunch of us from the Ranch went up and spent a week skiing, hiking, hanging out…it is never a bad thing to get to spend a week or so in God’s creation of the mountains. I tried to snowboard…it was a good challenge to say the least! I spent more time on the ground then actually snowboarding, but it was fun to give it a try. The best day was probably a day of snowshoeing, it’s really just hiking, but the snow adds a very unique element that is a lot of fun. I also got to go see my brother for a day or so. He is doing well…teaching coaching, getting ready to go back to school. We went to the Denver Art Museum which was amazing. For starters the building is clad in titanium, so that’s a good start, and it is full of amazing art, if you are ever in the area I would recommend it. A few snapshots from around Denver:




That’s probably about enough life update for now…there are a few things that we would be blessed if you would pray for us about:

  • Beth’s continued transition in a new job and practicum for school. Particularity for wisdom as she counsels people, and for growth in her skills as she gains experience.
  • For our community group as we learn how to live out our faith as a group of believers, and that we would glorify God in the world around us.
  • I am having some trouble with an old back injury and am starting the process of seeing doctors, getting MRIs etc, I want wise doctors who will give good advice as I try to understand what is going on in my physical body.

4 Replies to “Neglected Blog”

  1. First thoughts on the video:
    I like the song a lot, it’s very active and busy, but a lot of the pictures do not seem to match the music. Take the beginning for instance, the music is all over, but in most of the pictures the kids are just sitting around. Also, the words across the screen don’t seem to match the pictures either. You’re asking deep questions, but all I see is kids who look bored, just sitting around, I don’t see how they are connected. And one specific suggestion: you say at one point… “people… people who want to know God…” theologically this is not consistent with Romans 3:10-11, “…there is none righteous, no not one… there is none who seeks for God…” Perhaps it should say, “People… who need God.” I’m gonna watch it again, to see if i have any second thoughts.


  2. Second thoughts on the video:
    I like the part about relationships, and the close-up shots of all the people. I don’t understand the transition point, “Our God is a consuming fire.” Are you answering the previous questions? After that statement i see a lot of camp activities. What do these activities have to do with God being a consuming fire? I understand it’s a promo video and you need to put camp activities in there, but I don’t see the connection. I hope I’ve helped.


  3. I don’t want to spread bad theology…but I also want to understand. I get that that verse is talking about our sin and fallenness. But in 22 it talks of how to be made righteous (through faith in Jesus Christ). Is a part of being made righteous by Christ that we grow (perhaps though the Spirits work) to want to know God? Paul seemed to want to know God in Philippians…

    On another level, a lot of people come to this place because they see it as a place where they can grow, and a big part of this to them is they feel like it is a place they can “know God better.” For sure the parents of many campers who come here (who the video is really for) want their kids to know God. I don’t feel like I know God…but I want to.

    I guess I am just trying to understand how that verse fits in with the rest of the Bible, and with the experiences we see people have here.


  4. In Philippians Paul speaks of knowing Christ, not seeking to know Christ. He rejoices that he does know Christ, because Christ (quite literally) revealed himself to Paul on the Damascus road. He rejoices that his righteousness, which is imputed not earned, is on the basis of his faith in Christ (Phil 3:8-9). Romans 3:22 does not say we are made righteous, it says God’s righteousness is manifested within us. We are DECLARED righteous in a forensic sense because of our faith in Christ, but we are by no means righteous creatures, just as Rom 3:10 states. If we are righteous we would not continue to sin. As it is, even those declared righteous, we do continue to sin; and sin is rebellion against God. Therefore none of us are seeking God, since we all sin.
    Even if you wanted to propose that those with regenerate hearts and in whom the Spirit indwells DO seek to know God, this criteria is not true of all the people who come to NLR. And I should hope it isn’t, for then the ministry would not be evangelistic at all. Therefore, if we have unregenerate people coming to the camp, there is no position you could argue that they are seeking to know God. It is just a theological fallacy for a non-believer to seek to know God.
    In reference to experiences you have seen, we can only thank God that he has chosen to reveal mysteries of his character to such unworthy creatures. It is not of ourselves.


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