Book It

Check out this article.

Want to start an “I like Book It” campaign? I love reading, and a big part of that training for me was Book It. It’s kind of like training for athletics, if you set small goals and accomplish them then you acquire the skills you need for the game. I have some great memories of getting to go to Pizza Hut with my mom or dad and getting to spend time with them over a pizza, I looked forward to getting pizza and getting to be with my parents. The critics say it promotes obesity and bad eating habits. I suppose pizza is not the best thing in the world for you, but really, a personal pan pizza once a month is fine if your not eating Mcdonalds for every meal and you actually go outside and run around like your supposed to…

I think that I could probably find all sorts of things I don’t like about the way we live embodied in this…

K, end of rant.

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