the night the lights went out….in colcord.

Hours without electricity: 47
Hours until it’s likely the electricity will come back on: 72

We are without power at camp….. and it is C-O-L-D outside! 🙂 but we are keeping warm with our wood burning stove and down comforter. It’s kind of fun actually…. we played a 10+ person game of Apples to Apples last night. It’s kind of fun since we aren’t actually stranded without heat or water all by our lonesomes. We have a great community out here at camp….especially when things like this happen. We all cram into a few houses with wood stoves and play games by candlelight and eat sandwiches for dinner together. And as long as the roads stay ok, there is a town about 15 minutes away that has cool things like electricity so I can make posts on our blog. 🙂

(I just heard that our power might be back on….yay! 🙂 )

3 Replies to “the night the lights went out….in colcord.”

  1. I figured your power was out when I tried to call and the answering machine didn’t pick up. :-/ Bummer.

    Mine has been off and on over the past two days. Saturday night/morning got pretty cold as it was off for about 8 hours. (and i don’t have a cool wood burning stove)

    But….my prayers go up for those who are still w/o power, no place to go for refuge, and poor housing in the first place that it got cold pretty fast for them.

    Ameren is working hard though. Keep their safety and strenght in your prayers too.


  2. …that’s the night that they hung an innocent man.


    Anyway,…I’m so BUMMED that Fayetteville didn’t end up getting SQUAT with this big storm. Its like the skies parted in reverence to the three GINORMOUS crosses at Pinnacle hills. BOO HISSY!


  3. I am pretty sure I do not miss ice storms from the mid west. I am pretty sure I could do with out the – degree wather and the crazy cold wind. But I guess I have the better end of the deal. SNOW! Miss you guys and that wonderful place called New Life Ranch.


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