adventures of an unemployed…

Well folks, I am officially unemployed.  (hopefully not for much longer though….details to come later…)

When I started this counseling program (3 years ago!) I knew that there would come a time where I would probably have to cut back on working hours and give school more hours of my day.  And that time has come…  It was really hard saying goodbye to DaySpring.  I haven’t really been able to find the words to describe my time there.  I learned SO much.  I met such amazing people.  I learned so much about myself.  It was a GREAT experience and I will miss it.

This first week off has been pretty full….Friday was actually the first day I was at the house all day.  It has been so great to have some freedom in my schedule to go visit friends and watch their kids while they get stuff done….to run errands and take care of things for school (phone calls, setting up Internship sites) in the middle of the day and not just on lunch breaks or after work.

I have started meeting with clients and would greatly appreciate your prayers!  Some specific prayer requests:

– that I would be a vessel for the Lord as I counsel others
– that we would make wise decisions with significantly less income now
– that our faith would be strengthened as we trust that He will provide as we serve in the places He has called us (NLR & Counseling)

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