A Happy Christmas it was

Well, after a whirlwind trip to Ohio last week and Christmas festivities this past weekend, it is back to work today.


We had a lot of fun helping Luke & Marla get packed up for their big move back down here.  (And of course, we had a great time meeting Peter, their new little boy.  He’s adorable and we’re so excited that we get to watch this little guy grow up.  He’ll be saying “Aunt Beth” & “Uncle Ben” in no time!)


We spent Christmas Eve at Ben’s parents house with the Platts and the Hydes.  After dinner, we each shared Christmas memories and sang Christmas songs.  It was a great way to celebrate such a beautiful gift we were given.  We spent the night and had Christmas day there.


We’ll see my family this weekend and I am excited about a good, old fashioned “Dunn Family Christmas.”  It has been a few years since most of us on my mom’s side have been together for a holiday!


Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas festivities…..  anyone care to share their favorite Christmas moment!! 

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