Our ministry

Part of why we have this blog is to update people about the specifics of our ministry at NLR. We are very glad for the interest people have taken in what we do, and we are blessed and humbled by your prayers!

Our ministry at NLR is centered around letting people know about NLR. I have this little advertisement on my wall that says “Great Camp! Too bad no one knows about it”. God has blessed this place with great staff, buildings, land, programming, and servants. But if no one comes it is all for nothing. Much of my job is to make sure that people know about all the things we do at NLR and making sure they are given lots of opportunity to participate. This involves a lot of aspects from identity, to web, to video, to print, to planning. Recently I have been working on several things specific things, mostly centered around summer camp. Starting in February families will be starting to really start thinking about summer plans, so we are getting ready for that promotion season by getting videos, brochures, registration systems, follow up material, etc. in place. It’s amazing to see the impact of this place on people. Every week in staff meeting we here stories of how people are being changed by Jesus Christ during the time they spend here…and its awesome to be a part of enabling that ministry to happen!

2 Replies to “Our ministry”

  1. Shelli,

    You should come out and visit sometime…just to get away. You will be glad to know that we are planning a staff alumni reunion (you should get a postcard in the next 4 or 5 weeks). It will be June 2, 2007. Watch for info on that. Hopefully lots of people will come!


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