a few hours south

This one’s for you, Allison.  🙂


We traveled south this past weekend, deep into the heart of Texas.  Dallas/Ft. Worth to be exact.  Ben’s mom came with us to help be part of a surprise scavenger hunt for her brother’s birthday. (Ben’s Uncle Charlie)  While we were in Dallas, we spent an evening with the ever-exciting Mr. Heath.  It was great to see him “in his element” and have dinner.  It was “sweet” (wink, wink).

We had a great time visiting an old friend and spending time with Ben’s extended family.

Tonight, we’re off to find the perfect Christmas tree.


And next week…we’re headed north!!

3 Replies to “a few hours south”

  1. I spent a few pointless hours trying to get that “No L” thing to work. even moving all the light bulbs around to make it solid colors in some places. In the end, it looked awful. I resorted to moving Capt. Picard off the wall and propping him in the window and wrapping lights all around him. My neighbors see the humor, it works.
    dropped your nametag


  2. Heath,
    sorry it did not work out… personally though i think that Picard is a great substitute! It was great seeing you this weekend! thanks for taking time from your busy schedule…

    thanks for reading!


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