Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Some highlights:

– the 2nd annual Casserole Crawl – our very own 5k @NLR – last year we had about 7 people….this year there were closer to 20!

– seeing Beth’s brother and parents and extended family

– wonderful food (mmm…..deviled eggs – Beth’s favorite!)

– visiting with Beth’s friends from Washington, Julie and Melissa, & holding precious two-week-old baby Riley

– finding 2 fabulously ugly sweaters (more info on this to come later)

– “The World’s Fastest Indian” (a great movie)

– a 24-pack of Sun Drop

– a 21-mile bike ride on the Katy Trail (which made Beth VERY sore!)

6 Replies to “Thankful…”

  1. We have a katy trail in dallas. Am I to understand that the ugly sweater party is a go this year? I believe I will be coming for the weekend.


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