No Clever Post Title

So, lets see. Daniel came to visit this weekend. He played in a tournament in Fayetteville. I took a few pictures, I didn’t get any great shots of Daniel in action, but he is in the back ground of this one:


No action in this one:

This is some good horn playing action right??


It was really good to get to see Daniel, (and fun to get to surprise our parents when he walked into the house.) If you are ever in Colorado stop by and visit him. I am sure he would be glad to take you to play some Ultimate (he might even hook you up with some root beer).

The leaves were amazing around camp. Now they are all brown, which I kind of like in its own way….


The other night I went around camp and took some pictures at night, which is kind of fun because they are guaranteed to not be “correct” pictures. You just point the camera at something that looks interesting and hold the shutter open for a while and see what you get (well…at lest that’s how I do it…). Sometime you end up with this cool gritty stuff:





Also, Kelly provided us with some amazing toppings for pizza in the form of good cheese, and I learned that the best way to motivate yourself to ride your bike fast is to ride around in traffic in Fayetteville.

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