New Life Ranch Update

Many of you are NLR types, so here is an update on what is going on around camp right now. The one word to describe the last several months is change. As many of you know Scott Shaw became the new Director of Ministries when Tom moved to Tulsa to be the youth pastor at Tulsa Bible Church. This set off a small avalanche of changing positions. Rhett is now the Summer Camp Coordinator. He is also the Leadership Development Coordinator. John Blair moved from the position he had as the Outdoor Ministries Assistant and into the retreats area. His title is Guest Services Coordinator. We have made a shift in the way we are approaching retreats and guest services. The goal is to become even more service oriented in how we are serving our guests (everybody from Retreat guests, to Summer Camp guests, to Outdoor Ed guests, to Community Ministries guests). It will be John’s responsibility to manage and implement this change. John’s old position will be filled by Luke in the coming months. Throw into the mix a new Head Cook, a new Assistant Cook, a new Community Ministries Coordinator, and four new LEAD interns and there are lots of people doing new things around here! None of this is bad, it is just the normal evolution of a ministry as people move around to serve where their specific gifts fit best.

In other news, the new Wagon Inn project is coming along nicely. Check out the news section of for some recent pictures. The two new buildings should be done in time for Summer Camp. If you are on the NLR mailing list you should be getting your copy of the latest New Life News soon, which Beth and I just completed (if you do not get the NLN and would like to let us know and we can make sure you get on that list!). I have also been working on setting out plans of how we are going to promote various areas of our ministry, as well as continually updating the web site. Obviously there is a lot going on! We are thankful for your prayers and for the interest you have all taken in our lives and in the Ranch!

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