and the answer is……

Well, Ben is the only one who guessed it right.

The list was concerts I have been to.  I forgot to add Willie Nelson to the list.  How could I forget Willie?

Now…….can anyone guess which one of those on that list I have seen twice?

 Let the guessing begin.

3 Replies to “and the answer is……”

  1. Because base my appraisal of a personality completely on superficial qualifications let me just say that you are so much cooler now that I know you went to see Rod Stewart in Concert. Wow!


  2. And he was…..amazing. baggy, shiny silver pants and a neon muscle shirt. You would have loved him. 🙂 And just for clarification, I was given the tickets….and it was a fun time, but let’s just say that he’s not at the top of my itunes playlist…in fact, he’s not even on there at all…..


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