I got betta! (said with an British accent)

But, I did get better! No more kidney stone for me……. and hopefully never again. May you NEVER have to experience something like that. ever.

So I’ve added Dr. Pepper back into my diet. and coffee as well. But I WILL be drinking plenty of water from now on. I’m working on 2 nalgene’s a day. (double the recommended 8 glasses)

I am a little hurt though, that Heath would comment about lettuce, but not my illness. 😦

*pout, pout*

5 Replies to “I got betta! (said with an British accent)”

  1. Meh… Kidney stones are old hat. Everyone from my mother to my coworkers passes those. Ain’t no thing…
    Of course, I say this with complete experiential ignorance. I’m sure you could say the same thing to me about venomous snake bites. hahaha
    By the way, you know it is quite difficult to know which of the two of you is posting if you do not make some distinction. Honestly, right now, I do not know who had the kidney stone.


  2. hey Heath – if your were to read under the heading it says “POSTED BY ___” and usually they put their name in so you know who’s posting.. wow Amazing. And if Ben were to *pout* I want to see that!

    Oh, and Beth – I’m glad it’s all over!


  3. Oh I was just thinking of you tonight while I was at church. I miss you guys sooo much! You are wonderful. I guess it is the time of year because I am feeling home sick for all of my good friends and places I love. *sigh* Hope you are doing well…


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