What the World Needs

I occasionally eat salad, and I have been trying to eat more salad so that I will grow up big and strong. But it seems really hard to buy small amounts of salad ingredients. Even if I eat salad every day I still feel like we waste a bunch of lettuce that goes bad before we eat it. I think the world needs small bags of salad that a couple people can eat all of before it goes bad.

6 Replies to “What the World Needs”

  1. Lots of single folks would agree with you! And, if you notice things like grapes….now always in a big bag! Well, the best solution I can think of is to have a friend (or family) to split the head of lettuce! Makes time for some good exchange of conversation, too!
    Hope you will continue to put in pictures once in a while…I like to see them! And, sometime when you are over you can show me how to do the b&w background.


  2. My grocery store (Sprouts) has salad fixins (spring mix and lettuce) in an open container and you can take only as much as you want. It’s revolutionary.


  3. I buy a thing of romaine lettuce. Take it home. Tear off the ends (they’re wilty and brown). Break off the bottom. Then wash and tear each leave. Then I put it into a salad keeper (aka, tupperware/rubbermaid container). And lay a paper towel folded on top to absorb extra moisture. It keeps for like 2 weeks!!!!

    (thanks mom for the tip!)


  4. When I lived in Columbia, they sold small bags of salad mix… perfect for just a salad or two! And only 99 cents! I think they’re a novelty, though. Haven’t seen them here.


  5. Well…I had not realized that the salad problem would cause such an outpouring of support!


    Daniel, I like spinach also, and get is sometimes. But I am no Popeye…

    Laura, I am trying what you said, at least sort of. Perhaps it will help out.

    Heath and Katy, exactly. More stores should be like that!


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