Mountain Biking

I like to mountain bike (although, I have to say, there are not very many mountains around here to bike on). But recently I have been having some bad luck. It all started with a flat tire. I was riding down this really rocky hill (it’s kind of like a mountain) and my tire got a big hole in the sidewall. So I fixed it with duct tape. But I am told that is really dangerous because someday the tube will push through the tape and pop, most likely while you are going down the side of a really tall mountain. So now I am always wondering if this will be the time that the tire pops. Then, in an effort to challenge myself I decide to ride down another very rocky hill and crashed. Then a week later I crashed again and bent the front wheel on my bike. And last week I was riding along and my front tire kicked up a big stick that hit me in the chest, which kind of hurt. That’s my story. Ill let you know if my tire pops and throws me off of a mountain.

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