Pictures from our trip to NM, TX, & CO

In no order…


A flower….


Beth’s cousin…


Beth’s other cousin…


On the river walk in San Antonio…


We all made these cool stepping stones for my grandparents garden (Daniels is the very left one, ours is not in this picture)…


My cousins.

3 Replies to “Pictures from our trip to NM, TX, & CO”

  1. I LOVE the flower picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Umm…you look very super-imposed in the pic on the river walk…something about the top of your head does it. :-p


  2. Thanks! Beth took the ones of her cousins. Laura, i agree, the one of beth looks kind of odd…but that is really how the picture was. There is something about how her head lined up with stuff in the background that makes it look strange…that and the flash makes the lighting not match up.


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