A Good Trip…

So much for frequent updates…

We just got back from a week long trip to New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. It was a really good time away from normal life and doing something different for a while. The main reason for the trip was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. We had a big family reunion kind of thing also, There were about 30 of us, including all my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Dad’s side of the family. It was really good to see all of my family, particularly those that I don’t get to see very often. Beth finally got to meet everybody, I got to play soccer with my cousins…it was a good time. (by the way, if you’re interested in going on a little cruise check out my aunt and uncle’s little business they have at www.sailqwest.com)

We made a little side trip up to Denver to visit my brother and some of Beth’s family. Daniel is doing well, it was fun to see his apartment, and get to hang out with him for a while. We didn’t really get to spend any time in the mountains…next time…

Then on to San Antonio and Grace House. The dinner for Grace House went really well. They had around 600 people who came, and they made a lot of really good connections with people for the future, as well as raising a good amount of money for their new place. It was an honor to help out in some small way with the ministry they have. I spent the night doing tech stuff, and Beth helped out with registration and stuff like that.

We got to spend Friday as tourists. We went to the San Antonio Art Museum, the river walk, ate good food, hung out with fun people (including the very funny Kathy Law), and had a really good time….

Now its back to work….Ill get some pictures up sometime for you to see of our trip.

2 Replies to “A Good Trip…”

  1. Grace House? what’s that? I imagine on your trip to or from San Antonio, you came dangerously close to Dallas. I am deeply offended…


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