the LOVE house

I spent the holiday weekend with 5 amazing ladies – LOVE house ladies.

The LOVE house is a place I lived my last semester at Truman. We lived in this big white 2 story house a block off campus. It was called the LOVE house because that’s what our phone # spelled…. l-o-v-e. (you know, like 555-LOVE). It was one of the best semesters I had in college.

So those of us who lived in that house (with the exception of 2 very missed roomies) met in St. Louis and rented a hotel room. Some highlights of the trip were:

lots of laughing….
Mad About You…
hot tub time…
eating…..a lot.
spending an afternoon at a winery…
and best of all – “what’s really going on” sharing time.

It is a great thing to have friends who you feel safe with. Knowing they won’t judge…but love.

Thanks, ladies.


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