on turning 26…..

So I had a birthday last week….and although Ben was out of town, it was a really great birthday. I turned 26, and to celebrate, I made curtains…and watched girly movies…it was great. And on my actual birthday, I felt loved and appreciated….which is what everyone should get on their birthday.

What’s a little strange to me was that turning 25 was pretty hard on me……really hard. (I kept saying that I was ‘practically 30.’)……but 26 was just no big deal…..just another year. Of course, I did just get an e-mail asking for my info because someone is getting things together for my 10 year high school reunion. Now that’s crazy. Hopefully I’ll finish graduate school by then. (It isn’t until 2008 for goodness sake!)

In other news…..we saw Shane & Shane last night. For free. In Siloam Springs. It was awesome. They’re such real, genuinely uninterested in fame guys…..they weren’t introduced (just started playing)….they played 3 songs back to back (so we couldn’t applaud between each one –in my opinion)…..and then ended with ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him,’ which they asked all of us to sing along to……then they just stopped playing before the song “ended” and we all just kept singing to finish it. That was it….no encore, no “hey look at us, we’re awesome”…..just giving it all back to the Lord. It was cool.

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