How did Beth start her morning?

1. A chocolate orange latte (with extra orange flavoring)

2. Kirk Franklin’s “Revolution” revolution.jpg

Why I love these 2 things:

While I used to strictly be a fan of the raspberry mocha (like since college days)….I tried the chocolate-orange combination one day and have never gone back. (except for when I make them at home b/c I only have raspberry syrup, not orange….yet.) And here is how my conversation with the lovely barista went this morning.

Her: “You know, we don’t have many chocolate-orange drinkers, but the ones that do, they hardly ever get anything else.”

Me: “I used to only get the raspberry mochas, but since I tried this, I don’t think I have ordered anything else since!”

Now, maybe this means I need to get out of my rut….. but I’d rather focus on the fact that I am not alone in my chocolate-orange obsession. thankyouverymuch.

Now, Mr. Franklin…..I know it’s way old school…..and I’m probably an even bigger dork for this one, but I LOVE this song! It’s what I run to (when I actually run)….I use it on my computer at work when I need a good kick to get busy working…..what can I say? It’s motivating…… Have you listened to it lately? Maybe you need to. J

One Reply to “How did Beth start her morning?”

  1. Hey Beth, enjoyed your newsletter. I would like to listen to your favoite CD Kirk Franklin’s “Revolution”. Can I download this from a website or can you give me some ideas to download for free. What song is your the best?
    Also, Gene & I will be on vacation next week for our 7th anniversary, so I will miss you Monday at 6 AM. Hope the bible study goes well. Have a great day and thanks for your email about Day Spring new business. Mary


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