RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. RSS is a simple way to keep track of when new content is published to web sites that use RSS. It works like this: A subscriber (that can be anybody with an internet connection) uses an RSS reader to subscribe to RSS feeds. The reader then monitors the feeds for changes. When a change occurs the reader lets the user (that’s you!) know that there is new content available. For example, if you wanted to monitor this blog for new posts you would first have find a feed reader (I have listed a few below). Then you would click on the RSS link at the bottom of this page. You will end up on a funny looking page that is not really very readable, but the important part is the address in the address bar on your browser. This is the address of the feed for this blog. You would then copy this address into your feed reader to subscribe. Then, every time we make a new post you will be notified through the reader.

As you are using the various web sites that you visit everyday watch for little orange icons like these: rss_feed_icon_24x24, XML_button and yahoo_add_feed. These icons indicate that that site offers an RSS feed which you might want to subscribe to. There are many RSS readers available. Here are a few to check out:Feedreader, Sharpreader, Newsgator, and myYahoo.

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